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Punchwork Tool CB Hook

PunchWork tool for CB hook machines

The best tool for felting


Example Use

Specially designed for BERNINA oscillating hook models, the PunchWork tool for CB hook machines is a useful tool for needle felting work with plied woollen yarns or loose wool fibers. It is specifically designed for BERNINA models with a CB hook. When doing needle felting work with BERNINA models with a CB hook, you will also need the special 5.5 mm needle plate as an additional accessory to the Needle Punch Set. Altogether these accessories allow you to create attractive patterns and motifs on home textiles and clothing.

The high-quality PunchWork tool for CB hook machines lets you create decorative patterns and motifs on boiled wool, felt, or loden in next to no time. Please note that you can also needle-felt with BERNINA rotary-hook machines by purchasing the appropriate Needle-punch tool for rotary-hook systems from the BERNINA sewing accessories range.

Get to know for yourself the PunchWork tool for CB hook machines and the associated needles in the BERNINA special sewing accessories range, now – your professional equipment for stylish needle-felting projects!
Needle-punch tool for CB-hook machines